Attractions in Borneo

Borneo Island is known as for its natural attractions. It is home to the oldest rainforests in the world as well as caves, diving spots and such. If you are planning to travel to Borneo, you will be welcomed by seaside resorts, highlands and lush rainforests. Here are some of the top attractions.

If you dare, you can be up, close and personal with the Orang-Utan if you are visiting Kalimantan in Indonesia. It is said that one orang-utan is stronger than 5 adult men. At the Tanjung Putin National Park, you will be welcomed to stay at the Rimba Lodge here and dwell among the orang-utan at one of the largest buffooneries for this species in the world today.

The Rafflesia is known as the largest flower in the world. Due to this, finding and spotting the Rafflesia might not be the easiest activity which can sometimes be challenging. In Sabah and Sarawak, you might come across various trails to find the Rafflesia where the former could be your best bet. Start at Kota Kinabalu and you can go towards the Tambunan waterfall that will get you into the forest. You can get here through a 1-hour bus ride and reach the Rafflesia Information Centre where you will be guided on what to do next and when to spot the flower.

One of the best and perhaps most exciting way of learning the life of the locals is to be in the Homestay. This is available in Sabah and Sarawak with tourism being a major industry here. Make it a point to dwell among the longhouses where you actually get to learn their language, eat their meals and live like one of the people here.

If you are in Sabah, you can make a trip to Selingan island in which you could catch the Chelonia Mydas green turtle laying eggs. This can only be done through a guide at the Turtle Islands National Park (consisting of Bakkugan Kecil, Gulisan and Selingan Islands). There is a limit on visitors here, so you need to book early usually around June and late September.